Safety Advice Centre - presented by Kidsafe

“Preventing childhood injury through increased awareness of child safety issues and injury prevention throughout the community”

Car Safety

Buying and safely using the right car restraint is one of the most challenging tasks facing parents.

  • What kind of restraint should you choose that best suits your needs?
  • Safety guidelines and Top 10 ways to keep children safe while travelling in motor vehicles.

Home Safety

The home is the most common location for childhood injury to occur. There can be many hazards in the home which can lead to injuries from falls, drowning, burns & scalds, choking & suffocation, electrocution, toys, dog bites and more.

  • Choking & Suffocation
  • Toys
  • Drowning
  • Poisoning
  • Home safety Checklist

Demonstrations daily, presented by a Kidsafe expert:

Car safety - 11:00am
Home safety - 12:30pm
Car Safety - 2:00pm
Home safety - 3:00pm