Breastfeeding information from a Lactation Specialist

Presented by Mater Mothers' Hospital

Important information for new and expectant mothers with up to date breastfeeding information to prepare you for, or assist you with, breastfeeding your baby.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Sam Foster, an experienced Lactation Consultant from Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital. Sam focuses on the following topics:

  • The basics of breastfeeding
  • What to expect in the first few days
  • Importance of skin to skin
  • Your baby's feeding cues
  • Baby-led feeding
  • Demand feeding
  • How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?
  • What if I need some help?

This video is invaluable to new and expectant mothers who wish to breastfeed.

Watch the video above or find the video on our YouTube channel here.

Note: The views and advice expressed on this blog post are those of the author and are not representative of the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo.

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