Newborn sleep: developing positive parenting strategies

Presented by Mandy Monic Mihelic , Triple P University of Queensland

Having a baby is such an exciting time!  While it is so enjoyable to watch your baby grow and develop, sometimes you probably wish your baby came with an instruction manual, especially when it comes to newborn sleep!

The Triple P University of Queensland research has shown that learning to understand your baby and helping your baby develop positive sleep habits are the top two concerns new parents have. Sometimes mastering all the new parenting skills needed with your bundle of joy can feel overwhelming and challenging.

In this Parenting Insights session Mandy Monic Mihelic from Triple P University of Queensland explores the importance of the early parent-child relationship and how understanding your baby's cues and signals can help build that relationship. Mandy also highlights some important facts about newborn sleep and shares some key tips with you for what you can do to help your baby develop positive sleep habits.

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