At last the health industry has woken up to convenience!

By Stuart Kim , Burgenstock Consulting

I had the pleasure of recently using a healthtech app called Medinet after a school parent recommended this to me. Running a busy life with 3 children, both my wife and I working and a lot of school commitments and after school activities, I literally dread the day that one of us gets sick as it can seriously make the wheels come off our busy schedules.

So Medinet have come along with an ability to tap in to fully qualified doctors at any time of the day or night. So when my kids are safely tucked up in bed and one of them complains of a minor tummy ache or has a bit of a fever and my wife is out, I found this app a real support for getting fast and comprehensive guidance on what to check, what the probably cause is and how to remedy it. I was even able to access a prescription medication and have that sent to my home. I found their fees appropriate for the convenience and immediacy that this service offers and I understand that more online digital services will becoming available shortly which will make a difference to those people with elderly parents to also juggle in their busy lives.

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