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Pelvic floor

Weighing up the options

Keeping your pelvic floor in good shape during pregnancy, and taking into account all the possible childbirth scenarios, can help avoid problems later.

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The do’s & do not’s of exercise in pregnancy

Medical experts in this field now agree that there are many physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise during pregnancy.

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Keeping fit during pregnancy

Exercising and maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital, not only for helping your body handle the extraordinary stresses and demands of pregnancy and childbirth, but to help your physical (and mental) recovery afterwards

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How to ease pain during pregnancy

The joy of childbirth can be tempered by the onset of mild to severe post-partum pelvic pain, present in 1 in 4 woman and an unwanted side effect that many new mothers will want gone as soon as possible. Medical compression garments can be used to stabilise the pelvis, improve circulation and alleviate pain.

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