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Yoga: The mama miracle for the post-partum body

Read about Jordan's journey with self re-discovery after the birth of her first baby.

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Post-partum healing in the arms of nature

Grounding ourselves and our children in nature, is extremely healing, beneficial, both emotionally and physically. Allowing our children to explore untethered, wild and free, among the trees and the flowers, creates mindfulness, encourages compassion and inspires creativity.

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Tips on buying maternity clothes

To help you get through the whole nine months with ease, Angel Maternity have pulled together some top tips for buying maternity clothes.

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Why we have to rebuild from the inside out after having a baby

It’s common practice to go and see a health professional at approximately six weeks after giving birth, usually an obstetrician, a midwife or a GP. Read on to find the purpose of this consult.

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Abdominal muscle separation during and after pregnancy

Here are some myths to bust on abdominal muscle separation during and after pregnancy.

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Urinary incontinence after childbirth

A less widely discussed, but equally challenging issue after childbirth is that of stress urinary incontinence.

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Why you need to support your body when exercising during and after pregnancy

SRC Health explains why you need to support your body when exercising during and after pregnancy and how the unique SRC garment technology enables muscular activity and promotes muscle stimulation

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How to dress for your post-baby body

PBC Expo asked Lucie Trinco, founder of Il Tutto luxury baby bags and mum of three, how to dress for your new body...

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