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What is a healthy mouth?

Naturally, we all want our children to have a healthy mouth – one that is free from cavities and gum infection, has straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

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How to make brushing teeth fun

You want the best for your toddlers’ well-being but how can you make brushing teeth fun for them? Here are five tips courtesy of Baby Tooth Land.

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Taking the bite out of teething

Children's Panadol take you through what you can do to help the teething process, how you can care for baby or toddler teeth and visiting the dentist.

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Your questions about soothers answered

Soothers - yes or no? The experts at NUK help demystify some common questions about soothers.

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Why baby teeth matter

A lot of parents think that baby teeth aren’t really all that important since they eventually fall out. Here are 5 reasons why baby teeth matter.

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Teething symptoms and solutions

NUK helps identify teething symptoms and ways to help soothe the pain.

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Oral hygiene for children

PBC Expo spoke with Jack N' Jill to get an insight into how to look after your children's mouth from newborn and beyond...

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Tips for caring for baby teeth

A baby’s primary or baby teeth are just as important as their permanent teeth. Baby teeth help a young child to learn to chew and speak properly and maintain the correct space in a child’s gums to allow for the eruption of their permanent teeth.

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