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Toilet training

Toilet training the strong-willed child

Whether you are toilet training, eating vegetables, or trying to get dressed in the morning, the strong-willed child can put our patience to the test.

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Know your child and toilet train in just days

This talk helps you to truly understand your child's inherent needs, their strengths and weaknesses from as early as one year old.

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Is my child ready to start toilet training?

"When do I start toilet training?" is one of the main questions parents ask, and toilet training readiness can be the key contributing factor for months of delay, simply because parents didn't know. Just knowing what to avoid can save lots of time, tears and frustrations.

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Your guide to starting toilet training

The following guide aims to share information around when your toddler may be ready and willing to participate in toilet training and provides ideas on how to support them through this developmental stage.

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