Simplifying Constipation with Prunelax during Pregnancy

By Tatiana Hutinel Country Manager Australia, GH Australia - Prunelax

Some women have constipation at an early stage of their pregnancy, while it does not affect other women until much later on.

The cause of constipation during pregnancy depends on the stage at which it occurs. Possible causes include:

•Hormones: Changing hormone levels in early pregnancy cause the intestines to slow down the movement of stool through the bowel. This delay increases the amount of water that the colon absorbs from the stool, which makes it more solid and difficult to pass.

•Prenatal vitamins: Prenatal vitamins are chock-full of iron, a crucial mineral that can sometimes be deficient during pregnancy. Iron can cause constipation and hard, black stools.

•Pressure from the uterus: In later pregnancy, the growing uterus can put pressure on the bowel, making it harder to move stool through the intestines. Constipation can be particularly uncomfortable during pregnancy.

Prunelax products were born 30 years ago, when Marcelo Navarro created this delicious jam called Prunelax Smooth to solve constipation problems during his wife's pregnancy.

Prunelax transcended borders and is now in more than 17 countries. 

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